Gunpowder Milkshake Goons
David Burnell in navy blue suit and navy blue dress shirt with a blue background light standing in f
David Burnell in United States Marine Corps Uniform with medals and ribbons in a dark background
David Burnell in United States Marine Corps uniform and medals with a beard and mustache in at a gre
David Burnell modelling silkies shorts at Runyon Canon in Los Angeles California
David Burnell looking into the camera with a neutral look for Victor Villodre In Closer Project
David Burnell modelling Club of Gents suit with continental Adidas sneakers
David Burnell sitting in white chair wearing a navy blue suit and white sneakers
David Burnell leaning against a brown wooden wall wearing a grey blazer, light blue dress shirt, and
David Burnell modelling a beige jogging suit with white adidas sneakers at the Olympiastadion in Mün
David Burnell doing a one hand stand at the abandoned railroad station in Munich Germany
David Burnell standing on the edge of the abandoned railroad station with a beige jogging pants at t
Light skin man kicking a blue punching bag without a shirt at Body up Giesing studios in Munich Germ
David Burnell boxing without a shirt wearing black nike shorts at Body Up Fitness Studios in Munich
David Burnell boxing against the blue punching bag with black gloves and black shorts at a gym
David Burnell wearing a white dress shirt and grey jeans sitting at the Olympic Stadium in Munich Ge