I am a pirate

I dodged a missile

and landed in Gunpowder Milkshake​


David Burnell IV is the creator of the workout videos that have music themes, coaching, and real-time feedback, encouraging people to challenge each other while staying fit. David's Hardest Workouts started as a fitness initiative to keep people mentally and physically healthy during the lockdown. But it also quickly began to strengthen communities and brought a feeling of togetherness during social distancing.
David's Hardest Workouts features 15-minute exercise routines done in the comfort of your home. Every video comes with a one-on-one session, as a personal coach counts your every repetition. Your safety is first and the coach pays attention to your form on every exercise. At the end of each workout, each person is evaluated and given a score.
David's Hardest Workouts will challenge even the fittest if you think you have what it takes to complete the workout BOOK NOW for free and if you survive you get to challenge a friend by putting them next on the HIIT List. Good luck and stay healthy. We are stronger together.

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